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Worldwide Church of God Interview – Autumn 1998

Interview between Doug Harris of Reachout Trust and John Halford Editor of Plain Truth and Regional Director of the Worldwide Church of God – Autumn 1998. DOUG: Could you give us a little of your background, how you came to the WCG, etc? JOHN: I have been a member since 1961. I was raised in Kent and Middlesex, and had…read more →

Helping a friend or relative that is involved with a Cult

The first sign you may have of a friend or relative entering a cult is that their personality alters and you begin to realise that they are not acting as they would normally but it is just like someone has ‘reprogrammed’ their actions and responses. The first reaction to this can often be to tell them not to be so…read more →

Review of the Shack

Author: John Taylor 1.1 Introduction/Background  ‘The Shack’ is a fictional novel which attempts to provide a response to the problem of suffering and evil in a world created and cared for by God. Authored by Wm Paul Young, it was originally written for his six children and initially only a few copies were printed. However The Shack was published in…read more →

A Biblical Critique of “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith

A Biblical Critique of “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith” – Rob Bell by Kevin Moore “Just because it is a Christian book by a Christian author and it was purchased in a Christian bookstore doesn’t mean it is all true or good or beautiful.” – Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, Rob Bell, p.83. “See to it that no…read more →

Joel Osteen –How to become a better you and live your best life now

1. Introduction Before pastoring Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen had a lifelong interest in television production. So, for seventeen years, whilst his father was in the pulpit, Joel was responsible for producing the Church’s television programme. Joel did not have a desire to preach, though his father encouraged him to do so, on numerous occasions. Despite the fact that he had…read more →

Richard Foster and Renovaré

Introduction Renovaré is a Latin word which means ‘to renew’. Richard Foster founded the Renovaré movement in 1988 and according to, Richard Foster is perhaps the best known Quaker today, though he deliberately speaks to a much wider audience. Renovaré is becoming an increasingly worldwide phenomenon and there are Renovaré websites in Brazil, Britain and Ireland, Korea and the…read more →

Brian McLaren – ‘A Dangerous Unorthodoxy’

Author: John Taylor 1. Introduction/Background Brian McLaren is a popular and controversial author, conference speaker, Pastor and networker and is prominent not only in the emerging church circles but in the secular and Christian media. His work has been included in Time, where he was listed as one of America’s 25 most influential evangelicals. In addition, he has appeared on…read more →

The Adventures of Rick Warren and friends in the Daniel Plan

Pastor Rick Warren from Saddleback Community Church has embarked on a fifty two week health and fitness programme which he has christened the ‘Daniel Plan’. He has enlisted the services of three renowned medical professionals, namely Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Mehmet Oz. Over nine thousand participants from Saddleback and elsewhere have used Facebook, twitter and the…read more →

A Review of ‘When Heaven Invades Earth’

Introduction Bill and his wife Beni Johnson are the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church, Redding, California. Bill is a fifth generation Pastor and is involved in an ‘apostolic network’ that crosses denominational lines. Their healing and deliverance ministry is central to the work of the church. According to their website, ‘Bill and the Bethel Church family have taken on this…read more →

Response to Criticism of Doug’s Approach on Revelation TV

INTRODUCTION Normally I would ignore such articles as found on Alan Franklin’s website – – however as this has travelled far and wide and not only my name but Reachout Trust and Revelation TV are being dragged through the mud I feel I must write this response. First, let me say that I just cannot believe the reaction, the…read more →