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G12 Portugal

This is an English translation of the Official position of the Assemblies of God Convention in Portugal the original can be found in Portuguese here – (accessed on 4 July 2005). After an extended analysisofthe G-12 Model/Movement, it was unanimously agreed to reject it and not accept its adoption and implementation in the “Assemblies of God” Churches in association with…read more →

G12 Experiences

NEGATIVE – G12 has not been a help to me My concern about G12 at our church is the narrow view of leadership. Yes, “narrow” is the best word to describe the approach and the attitudes that are conveyedfromthe pulpit and in leadership meetings. There are many different styles of leadership, even the business world recognises that. But G12 only…read more →


Introduction It is a sign of our times that men and women are trying to fulfil a deeply felt need for spiritual things. There is a serious quest by many people for deeper meaning in life and it is significant that many are found among the rich and famous. Someone once said that the only difference between the poor man…read more →


INTRODUCTION We regularly receive requests for information on the Amway group. Many wonder if the Mormons own them, others, stirred by newspaper reports, feel that they are a cult. We hope that these notes will be both fair to Amway and help Christians decide if there is any conflict between belonging to Amway and their Christian faith. What we must…read more →

Less Than Honest Article By CESNUR

Many people have asked us about an academic paper that Dr. Stephen Hunt gave at the 2001 CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions) Conference and which was published on the Internet. It is entitled “Evangelism, Boundary Maintenance and Demonization: Some Strategies of a Christian Fundamentalist Anti-Cult Organization,” and concerns us directly. There are two main ways that people unfairly…read more →

Conversations With God

The book Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch is published by Hodder & Stoughton and the edition I am quoting from here is copyrighted 1995. Like many books written these days that move away from mainstream Christianity the author prepares the reader for criticism, “Thus will this very book be called blasphemy – the work of the devil –…read more →

What is a Cult?

The majority of the cults, that most are likely to encounter, are what could be described as ‘Counterfeit Christian Cults.’ This means that when compared with evangelical Christianity they are seen to be bringing a message of salvation for the future life but are misusing the words, and misrepresenting the life of Jesus Christ. As such these groups must be…read more →

The Da Vinci Code

The following article was produced by Light for the Last Days and is reproduced with their permission. Further materials are available from Light for the Last Days, BM 4226, London, WC1N 3XX. Tel 020 8445 1451. Shaking the foundations of Christianity? The Da Vinci Code is an action packed thriller novel by Dan Brown which has become a best seller…read more →

The Emerging or Emergent Church

The phrase, “The emerging or emergent church” is heard often these days but I wonder if we have stopped to think what it actually means. A church that meets the needs of today’s Society is an excellent idea; mind you that is always what the church has been about. However, when it uses a word such as emerging, we need…read more →

The Passion of the Christ

Over the past few weeks we have received a number of emails and there has been some discussion on our forum concerning Mel Gibson’s film, “The Passion of the Christ.” The film will be officially released in Britain on 26 March 2004 but some areas will have special previews on the 24 and 25. Should you go to see it?…read more →