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The Family and ‘Flirty Fishing’

What do they believe today? Vince McCann of Spotlight Ministries contacted The Family when he became concerned over whether they had really dealt with the past area of Flirty Fishing. This practice was carried on when they were called the Children of God; they have changed their name but have they changed their belief so that it is in line…read more →

Family Tree Ministries

I first came across this ministry at Manchester Christian Resources Exhibition in 2000. The handouts distributed here stated: “The methods Kenneth McAll uses will always be open to intellectual argument but his achievement in a world full of evil, sickness and fear is indisputable” Since that time Kenneth McAll has died but his books are still sold and some still…read more →

Secular Humanism

History The history of humanism as an organised philosophical system goes back to basic ideas contained in the classical Greek philosophers such as the Stoics and Epicureans and the Chinese Confucians. During the Renaissance, the years when the arts burgeoned in the 14th to the 18th centuries, many philosophers and thinkers in Christendom began to question the repressive superstitious dogmas…read more →

The Lord’s Witnesses – New Date

For the lastest explanations and why they got it wrong see – http://www.truebiblecode.com/ – Nuclear Bomb goes off this weekend – August 4/5. Go back on Monday and see what excuses there are!!! Open Letter to All Jehovah’s Witnesses The Watchtower Administration will be physically destroyed in 40 days from the date of this letter. – 2006 Iyyar1 (2006 April…read more →

The Unification Church – Moonies

Although the Unification Church, or “moonies” as they are better known, is not as active as it used to be there are still some determined members in Britain. They can be found selling various items in major cities. All the profit goes to the organisation and although a Moonie believes that they are serving God, in reality, they are serving…read more →

Oneness Pentecostal – Jesus Only

Introduction There are one or two main denominations, such as, the United Pentecostal Church International, that teach this doctrine, but you will also discover small groups or individuals that accept the belief. Before we go into details we would say, that although we feel that many of the things those in this grouping teach are not truly Biblical, many believe…read more →

Oneness Pentecostalism

AN EXAMINATION AND REFUTATION OF THE DENIAL OF THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY BY ONENESS PENTECOSTALISM By Vincent McCann Regents Park Theological College March 1997 Boyd, an ex-Oneness Pentecostal has drawn attention to the lack of literature that has been produced by the evangelical community on the subject of Oneness Pentecostalism. Despite the vast amount of literature that has been…read more →


Our original article on the Quakers began with the sentence, “The purpose of these notes is to try to discover from their own writings whether Quakers are a cult, a Christian denomination or what?” One direct descendent (PMD) of the original Quakers says of this, “The correct answer is that Quakerism is authentic primitive Christianity revived. Not a “cult”, not…read more →

Revival Centres

Background Revival Centres believe that revival power and the true salvation doctrine were lost from the church around AD 312 when Constantine was Roman Emperor. The mainstream churches quickly became lifeless and powerless. No healings. No miracles. And no clear evidence of the Holy Spirit in the church. They do however recognise that there have been such men, as Martin…read more →

Sai Baba

The Man Sai Baba or to give him his full title, Sri Satya Sai Baba was named Satyanarayana Rajuin at birth, meaning, ‘true all-pervading God’. He was born in Andra Pradesh, India on November 23 1926. However, this is the official date but as with much of his life there is controversy because his school record shows (search for school…read more →