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Christian Science Today

You may ask yourself whether it matters about Christian Science today. After all, aren’t the church numbers in decline? Aren’t the churches closing down and being resold? Isn’t Christian Science just a minority cult? Surely, it just isn’t a major issue for today? It is true that membership is in decline, but to Christian Scientists, this just isn’t depressing. As…read more →


Background In reality, there should be no title to this article, as this group really has no name. Cooneyites is a nickname from one of their early leaders, and this is the one we will mainly use here. At the end of the nineteenth century, the evangelical Faith Mission sent William Irvine to lead work at Menagh in County Tipperary,…read more →

Ecclesia of Christ

Introduction The ‘Ecclesia of Christ’ appears to be a sub-Christian group that is at best, austere, and at worst, not worshipping the one true living God. A brief history in the words of the secretary of the Ecclesia of Christ is, as follows: The foundation of our beliefs of course is the Bible – the Word of God. The basis…read more →

Exclusive Brethren

After discussions with members of the Exclusive Brethren we have amended our original article. We have removed some references as after investigation we do not believe that they can be fully established. EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN Plymouth Brethren The roots of this group go back to the ministry of John Nelson Darby. JND was trained in law at Trinity College, Dublin but…read more →

International Churches of Christ – 2

The denomination of the Church of Christ has been in Britain for many years. However, the International Churches of Christ [ICC] are a relatively new splinter group, first based in London, and then spreading to Birmingham and Manchester. Figures published through to 31 December 2001 show groups active in Belfast, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Oxford…read more →

Baptism Through Jesus’ Name

We have heard of groups that teach that baptism is essential for salvation, and even those who teach that the baptism must be in their church, but a new error seems to be emerging: that the baptism of Jesus takes away sin! The teaching is found on this website and comes from Paul C. Jong of South Korea. The basic…read more →

Witness Lee

IMPORTANT When dealing with most groups I have found them reasonable and willing to talk sensibly about the group but that is not true of at least one individual in the group. With The Local Church I have received a number of frustrating anonymous emails. Which does honestly lead me to ask, “Why all the cloak and dagger if this…read more →

The Lord’s Witnesses

Author: Shaun Aisbitt A chap I know was in the Way International. He is no longer in it, but he still holds to its beliefs. When he left, following a dispute with the leadership, on some interpretations of the Scriptures, I hoped he would begin to examine the Scriptures more closely, without the “blinkers” that this particular group appeared to…read more →

Exclusive Brethren Responses

We have received a number of responses to our revised article and in the interests of fairness have decided to publish some of them here. If you have something serious to say let us know and constructive comments will be added below. MY EXPERIENCE WAS DIFFERENT After reading the Reachout Trust article on the Exclusive Brethren my own experiences tell…read more →

The Family

This group was originally known as the Children of God; they were disbanded under that name in 1978. There have been a number of investigations into their lifestyle, but despite rumours, there has been no proof that they are today involved with child abuse or pornography. We do not believe however, that this means that they can as yet be…read more →