Correspondence on Philip Pullman’s Subtle Lie

The following is correspondence entered in to by Ann Thomas after her article entitled “Phil Pullman’s Subtle Lie”. 11/06/04 Dear Ann His Darkest Materials trilogy Let’s start off with a few basic points: you’re an evangelical Christian and I’m an Atheist, so we’re never likely to agree on most points – though I hope we can disagree in a civilised…read more →


The following is adapted from a chapter in “Occult Dangers Explained Safely” by Doug Harris and is available from Reachout Trust. Levitation is a phenomenon of psychokinesis (PK) in which objects, people, and animals are lifted into the air without any visibly physical means and float or fly about. The phenomenon has been said to have occurred in mediumship, shamanism,…read more →

A Happy Medium

The Psychic News trumpeted with great delight that Father Concetti, called one of the most competent theologians of the Vatican, had said that it was no longer a sin to dialogue with the deceased. The article goes on to claim that the Roman Catholic Church has been carrying out scientific experiments, with their own mediums, and have now finally decided…read more →

The Ouija Board – 1

Many young people, as well as adults, play with the Ouija Board. It has been our experience that many tell of frightening stories as a result and a fear that has gripped them. Others relate the fear but also are drawn back to playing it again. At these sessions a supernatural force is invited to come into a glass and…read more →

The Ouija Board – 2

The following is adapted from a chapter in “Occult Dangers Explained Safely” by Doug Harris and is available from Reachout Trust. The word ‘Ouija’ is made up from the French ‘oui’ and the German ‘ja’, which both translate into English as ‘yes’. The experiences of those who have spoken to us show that playing with the Ouija board can open…read more →


Background Pokémons came to Britain from Japan where they had been the craze since 1995. There are indications that they are influenced by Japanese ‘spirituality’, which could open lives to wrong influences. As far as the West is concerned Pokémons started life as a video game produced by Nintendo. Pokémons – short for Pocket Monsters – are ‘cuddly’ monsters that…read more →

Harry Potter and Christians

PROLOGUE Since this article was last updated the latest book The Half-blood Prince has been released. This has broken all previous sales records and has even brought a comment from the Pope, who is concerned about the damage it may do to the Spirituality of young people. Apart from changes to the characters and the plot there is little new…read more →

Role Play

Below are two articles that look at the subject or role play from different angles. Comments will be welcome especially from any that have had first hand experience. An overview by Daniel Thomas Though I can in no way claim to be an expert on role-playing games (RPGs), I do have experience at playing them; and can therefore provide an…read more →


Modern Spiritualism is said to have started in 1848 with the Fox sisters purporting to speak to someone murdered in their house. Today, you will find meetings advertised by two main spiritualistic groups, the Spiritualist Union and Christian Spiritualists. Both basically believe the same things but those in Christian Spiritualism will have “trappings” that appear Christian. The Spiritualists are concerned,…read more →

Shadowmancer & Wormwood

Author: Ann Thomas Rev Graham Taylor assures us that he is “a born again – spirit filled – evangelical Christian of over 25 years in the faith”. We are pleased to pass on this information along with his assurance that he “spends most of his time helping people escape from occultic bondages and lecture constantly on the dangers of the…read more →