The Occult – 1

The word occult is used for a wide range of activities that have a number of things in common. The word occult means hidden – in other words what you see on the outside is not what is at the heart of the experience. There are aspects that you just do not know about until you get involved. The occult…read more →

The Occult – 2

Definition The word occult means ‘hidden’ or ‘concealed.’ It is the opposite meaning of God’s revelation, which opens things up. The Bible warns us that there is a counterfeit supernatural power, that can perform wonders such as moving or locating objects. Being aware of the root of the power at work, is vital. We should not be surprised that the…read more →

Simple Advice for those Involved in the Occult

What should I do now? If you feel that you have been affected by supernatural evil – do not panic. There is an answer because God’s supernatural power is greater than evil. There are also those willing to help you to go through the steps of deliverance. Use the contact button on the left to request help. The basics steps…read more →

Astral Projection

Definition According to the New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopaedia, ‘new age’ is: “…a term popularized in the mid-1980’s to describe a nebulous, quasi-religious set of beliefs that are an outgrowth of the 1960’s counterculture and the 1970s ‘human potential movement.’” In the United States originally the name alluded to the expectation of adherents, found particularly on the West Coast, that a…read more →

Astrology – 1

We must not confuse astrology with astronomy. God placed the stars in the heavens and there is nothing wrong with studying His creation. Astrology, (‘astra‘ meaning star and ‘loges‘ meaning word), goes beyond studying and literally is – the word of the stars. Astrology, today, seems to either be treated with respect or disdain but we believe that there can…read more →

Astrology – 2

Over the last 10 years or so, astrology is being given a sense of respectability, as the following article shows. Astrology, once the province of the end of the pier and the fairground, is creeping up-market. Not only does The Sunday Times Magazine now have a weekly star-signs column, but the Sunday Telegraph, no less offers its readers a telephone…read more →

Pendulum and Dowsing

The following is adapted from a chapter in “Occult Dangers Explained Safely” by Doug Harris and is available from Reachout Trust. On the Mystical World Wide Web we read the following concerning the history of the pendulum. “Dowsing is reported to date back approximately 7000 years but origins are still unknown. It is accepted, however, that the Egyptians used images…read more →

Fortune Telling

Like astrology there are many forms of fortune telling including crystal balls, tarot cards, the reading of palms etc. It is true that some of the people involved will not have any supernatural power and will be “faking” seeing your future. There can still be problems with this because you might put yourself under superstition and not be free to…read more →


The following is adapted from a chapter in “Occult Dangers Explained Safely” by Doug Harris and is available from Reachout Trust. How many times do we hear the question; ‘do you believe in ghosts?’ Yet, it is difficult to give a straightforward answer. The moment you say, ‘yes’ the questioner has made up their own mind as to what you…read more →

The Grail Foundation

BACKGROUND The Grail Foundation of Great Britain has its headquarters in Sidcup, Kent. I believe that we can show that the group appears to have ‘occult tendencies’ even though they use words such as God, salvation and other spiritual terms. We are told on their website that, Legally, on the basis of its statutes, the Grail Foundation serves to “further…read more →