Is Our Church Better Than Their Church?

What does the Christian Church have to offer a member of the Mormon Church? The glib, spiritual answer is the true gospel, salvation, a personal relationship with God, assurance, and so on. It is very easy to operate only on a spiritual level and think that making a commitment to Jesus will make everything right. But what happens when you…read more →

Enemies of the Cross

Many Live as Enemies of the Cross of Christ (Philip.3: 18) The April 2002 Ensign magazine of the Mormon Church carried a small piece in which a bishop told of the insight he gained into the depth of the Saviour’s love (p.19). It struck me as an eloquent illustration of the subtlety of Mormon deception. It is a moving story…read more →

Dead Sea Scrolls

Continuing our occasional theme of Mormon scholarship, Summer 2004 saw the LDS Church-sponsored Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition touring the UK, beginning in London on 1 May, travelling to Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow, and ending in London at the beginning of September. It then moves over to mainland Europe where it will show in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Geneva, Rome and…read more →

Defending Mormonism…or is that Christian?

We don’t usually carry stories concerning Utah culture and politics in these pages, and for a very good reason. It is simply a question of relevance. When writing, we ask the questions “Will this be a doorstep issue?” and “What aspects of Mormonism are readers most likely to meet in their lives?” We have, however, commented on some such things…read more →

Are Mormons Evangelical Christians?

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a Christian denomination, wholly committed to the New Testament account of the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son ofGod

When did man become God?

Mormons teach that God was once a man. How and when did he become God? Joseph Smith first taught that God is an exalted man at the funeral of a man named King Follett in April 1844. This is known asthe

The Fulness of the Gospel?

A relatively recent addition to the Book of Mormon has been the Introduction, which explains that “The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible…” Anyone looking at

A Kingdom Divided

Author: Joel Kramer How to Witness to Mormons with the “DNA vs The Book of Mormon” video No farmer sows his fields with seed one day and wakes up the next morning to ripened grain. The seeds need water, plenty of sunlight, and time to grow. When a Mormon watches DNA vs. The Book of Mormon, a seed has been…read more →

The Mormon Easter

The April 2006 edition of the Ensign magazine features the latest in a series entitled Gospel Classics, a series that reproduces key statements from different generations of Mormon leaders on specific themes. You can read it here. The theme is, appropriately, the sacrifice of Jesus. The main heading is itself a clue to where the emphasis of the Mormon Easter…read more →

F.A.I.R Correspondence – 1

Reachout Area Director now a Mormon The following has been sent to all who have enquired about the subject of the “Former Anti-Mormon” testimony in the January issue of Apologia and to others who might have seen it and been interested. A Public Statement A testimony was published in the January 200 issue of Apologia, a monthly publication of FAIR…read more →