Defining ‘Cult’

CULT! It seems such a pejorative word and certainly in ministry it is not intended as a compliment. But is it an insult? Is its use an example of disagreeing while being disagreeable? To listen to many there is no excuse for using it. Especially when what people see as sensible alternatives are available such as sect, or the more…read more →

Tyndale 1, Mormon prophets 0

The official Bible of the Mormon Church is the Authorised Version or, as it is known in America, the King James Bible, or King James Version (KJV). Its not so much that Mormons are ‘King James Only’ exponents, as that this was the Bible in whose style Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon. This being the case, it is…read more →

Another Cross-less Easter for Mormons

Some deceptions are so obvious as to be audacious, like the Jehovah’s Witness teaching that Jesus returned invisibly in 1914 when he failed to turn up physically, as predicted. Or the Mormon claim that Jesus walked the Americas following his resurrection and spoke to a boy in a grove of trees in 1820. Others are so subtle as to pass…read more →

Latter-day Saints – Mormons

The stereotype picture of Mormons is two smartly dressed men with American accents calling at your door. But is the message that they bring true? Can they really give anyone a life-changing experiencenowand a certainty of a future in eternity? Some Main Teachings Many people believe Mormons to be just another Christian denomination but is this true? They believe that…read more →

Latter-day Saints – Mormons – 2

WHO ARE THEY? A Mormon is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Officially they believe that they are the restored Christian Church on earth today; the only church holding the authorityofthe priesthood and therefore able to serve God. To reflect this they are called Latter-day Saints to distinguish them from the Saints, or Christians, of…read more →


1998 is the year of the temple. Perhaps some will already have heard enough through the newsletter, at convention, and in personal contact, about Mormons and their temple building. For many this is nottheir’area of expertise’ – some would say not what they feel ‘called to’, although we should be aware that we are ‘called’ to go into the entire…read more →

Book of Abraham

An Egyptologist’s comments on Joseph Smith’s “translations” Check here Be sure and scroll down to the bottom of this article and peruse the photo of the broadside that was published in Kirtlandto advertisethe Book Of Mormon for sale. The import of that broadside is that it depicts the “characters” that Joseph Smith claimed were examples of those on the “gold…read more →

What about the Adam/God Doctrine?

This peculiar teaching from early Mormonism is routinely referred to today by the Mormon Church as the Adam/God theory as if it is some vague idea that is easily misunderstood and maliciously misrepresentedbyopponents of the Mormon Church. It was, however, a doctrine of the church for many years and taught by more than one “prophet”. The key to understanding this…read more →

Out of Africa

By the time you read this the second Mormon temple in Africa will have been dedicated, in Accra, Ghana. The first was in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1982. It is the 117th Mormon temple across the worldandmarks a solid foothold for the Mormon Church in West Africa. Another is scheduled for Nigeria in this year of 2004. It has been…read more →

Reachout’s response to BYU Claim

BYU Takes up Cudgels! In a colourful e-mail to the offices of Reachout Trust Dan Peterson, of Brigham Young University (BYU) has jumped to the defence of fellow professor Robert Millet who is quoted inTruthRestored-4, an article in which we suggest that Joseph Smith rivals Jesus in importance in Mormon theology. Below is the communication in full: Date: 29 July…read more →