Mormon General Conference

The Mormon Temple – Is It Biblical?

  Five new temples were announced by the Mormon Church president during his Sunday morning address (April 2, 2017) at the church’s 187th annual General Conference. This brings the number of temples worldwide, operating or under construction, to 182 according to the Mormon newsroom. Mormonism teaches these temples are a restoration of biblical temples in the last days before Christ’s…read more →

LDS General Conference October 2016: Only Believe

As we listen in on the 2016 semi-annual General Conference of the Mormon Church we remember how Mormons sound like us but believe very differently. When you are listening in on a group to which you don’t belong it is important you hear what group members hear. The temptation is to import the language of their world into your own,…read more →

Mormon General Conference, April 2016 Sunday PM

I am part of a team put together by Bobby Gilpin over at Mormonism Investigated to comment on Mormon General Conference. This is my contribution to what is becoming a useful bi-annual project covering the whole of both Mormon conferences. It originally appeared on Bobby’s website. The Mormon Hope? The stand out talk in this session of the Mormon General Conference was…read more →