Mike Tea

The Watchtower’s 144,002 gods

The American 19th Century was a religious boiling pot from which all kinds of ideas, abstractions, and movements emerged, from the early days of the Seventh Day Adventists, through the followers of William Miller (Millerites), and John Thomas (Christadelphians), to the Watchtower Society in the latter part of the century. Such groups were overwhelmingly preoccupied by the second Adventism that…read more →

A Reason for a Reasoned Defense

“Why do I bother? Why are the apologetic arguments I bring not more effective? I am tired of repeating the same arguments until even to me they become less compelling and I wonder if there might be a better way, a more effective way? I still believe fervently but if these “proofs” are so compelling why don’t more respond in…read more →