Jehovah’s Witnesses

Blood Transfusions allowed in Bulgaria

According to informed sources the Watchtower has now made blood transfusions a matter of choice! In a legally binding document they agreed to allow, free choice on blood transfusions for Jehovah’sWitnessesand their children, without any penalties for the choice to take blood. This took place at the 276th Session of the European Commission of Human Rights (Council of Europe) held…read more →

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Evangelical Christianity

The Watchtower 1 June 2000 carried a four-page article entitled, The Changing Face of ‘Christianity’. As this article is so fundamental in revealing the beliefs and nature of the Watchtower Society,wewant to comment on all the main issues raised. We will first reproduce some of the article and then make comments on what the Watchtower tells us is God’s truth…read more →

The Watchtower and Chronological Speculation

Author: Tony Piper In the year 1968 Carl Olof Jonsson was a ‘pioneer’ Jehovah’s Witness, a full-time evangelist for the Watchtower Society (WBTS/The Society). During a Bible study that he was conductinghewas challenged to prove the date that the Society had chosen for the desolation of Jerusalem by the Babylonians – 607 BCE. It was pointed out to him that…read more →

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and the New Covenant

The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania is the official title of the organisation to which Jehovah’s Witnesses belong. Its sister corporation, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Inc.ofNew York (Society) prints all the material that Jehovah’s Witnesses distribute. Summary of Article This article seeks to answer the question: A covenant relationship with Jehovah – vital or unnecessary;…read more →

Book of Daniel

The 1999 Watchtower Annual Conventions saw the release of a new book, Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy! I suppose the obvious quip is that it would be good if the writers did! I have not had the chance(orthe patience) to read the book from cover to cover but a few interesting parts have been pointed out to me. On p.284…read more →

The Latest Excuses

The following is a transcript from part of a very revealing message given around 2000 by a Circuit Overseer at Lincoln. I have added some comments in (italics). Its how we support the organisation, howwesupport the anointed, are we giving them 100% whole sole support in this work and activity, or could it be that gradually our confidence and support…read more →

Faithful and Discreet?

The Watchtower, March 1 2004 carried an article entitled, “A ‘Slave’ who is both Faithful and Discreet”. It sets out to show that the Society is the only Christian group to have such a leadership today,andthat their leaders have always been marked with this distinction. The phrase, “Faithful and Discreet Slave” comes from Matthew 24:45 in the New World Translation…read more →

The Feasts

The Watchtower December 15 2006, informs us on p.15, that “True Christians eagerly await the arrival of a special day”. This we are told is a day when God will, “Execute judgement on His enemies andglorifyHis great Name”. It is a day however, we are further told, that most of those living on this earth should dread. In other words…read more →

German Controversy

Complaints The Broadcasting Standards Commission received a complaint from the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society about unjust or unfair treatment, in Everyman: Sleeping with the Enemy, broadcast onBBC1,13 December 1998. This judgement concerned Reachout Trust indirectly because we provided clips from a video for them to use. The judgement concerning this was as follows: Mr Hardy (Presiding Minister of…read more →