Jehovah’s Witnesses

The ‘144,000’ – who are they?

Author: Mike Troke In the Watchtower Society’s book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life (1995), under the heading ‘Mankind Transformed’ we read the following: “How grand it will be when the knowledge of God fills the earth! There will be an extensive educational program under the direction of the King Jesus Christ and his 144,000 co-rulers.” (Page 185) Belief in…read more →

Is the Doctrine of the 144,000 possible?

Jewish scholars tell us that as many as 20% of first century Israel may have accepted Jesus as the Messiah. We know that three thousand came to the Lord on the Feast of Pentecost (Acts 2:4) and shortlyafterwardsanother 5,000 men plus any women and children became believers (Acts 4:4). Acts 6:7 then records that a large number of priests became…read more →

Who Will Survive Armageddon?

Author: Robert Crompton A common feature, of much argument, directed against Jehovah’s Witnesses is the skeleton from Charles Taze Russell’s cupboard. Because most Witnesses are not well informed aboutthehistory of their movement, such a tactic when applied judiciously can be very effective. Having just read the April 15th 1995 issue of ‘The Watchtower,’ however, I think an opposite tactic might…read more →

Armageddon Inc by Stanley High

The following comes from an American newspaper, The Saturday Evening Post, September 14, 1940, and gives an excellent historical viewpoint of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses Make Hate a Religion Forconscientiouscussedness on the grand scale, no other aggregation of Americans is a match for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Defiance of what others cherish and revere is their daily meat. They hate all religions…read more →

The Birthday Book

I was surprised to obtain this book with a number of other publications recently, as I had no idea that it even existed. It is an official Watchtower Society publication of 1907 that is entitled, DailyHeavenlyManna and Birthday Record. This means of course that the Watchtower Society believed that you could receive heavenly manna and also celebrate birthdays. However, were…read more →

The Issue of Blood

This is the original article produced back in the late 1990s, however we have left it here to show how things have developed since. For the latest situation please access their website. The Elders whoareleading the fight to get the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society to change their minds over the blood issue hoped to have an answer by early…read more →

Blood Transfusions allowed in Bulgaria

According to informed sources the Watchtower has now made blood transfusions a matter of choice! In a legally binding document they agreed to allow, free choice on blood transfusions for Jehovah’sWitnessesand their children, without any penalties for the choice to take blood. This took place at the 276th Session of the European Commission of Human Rights (Council of Europe) held…read more →

The Truth About Jehovah’s Witnesses

  Arising from an Adventist Bible study group in America in 1870 led by Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916), 12.9 million people world-wide attended the annual memorial meal of Jehovah’s Witnessesin1996. Over five million baptised members actively seek converts (up 4% on 1995 and 75% over a decade), with 366,000 baptisms and almost five million ‘studies’ in 1996. They are expanding…read more →

1914 – Is It Marked In Scripture?

Author: Mike Troke Around the end of December 2002 a Jehovah’s Witnesses handed me a little booklet called ‘What Does God Require of Us?’ (WB&TS, 1996) Inside the front cover is a paragraph designedtoaid the reader in the use of the booklet. This includes the following: “This brochure is designed as a Bible study course…At the beginning of each lesson…read more →

The Watchtower Society & 1914

Author: Tony Piper The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania is the official title of the organisation to which Jehovah’s Witnesses belong. Its sister corporation, the Watchtower BibleandTract Society of New York Inc. (WBTS/The Society) prints all the material that Witnesses distribute. Summary of this Article