Gold Plated Mormon

Chapter 15 – The Mormon Bible

It is not uncommon for people to believe that the Mormons have their own Bible. Usually people have in mind the Book of Mormon when they refer to the “Mormon Bible”, either because they feel that the Book of Mormon replaces the Bible (a moot point in any discussion with a Mormon), or because they can’t remember that it is…read more →

Chapter 19 – The Mormon Matrix

Have you seen the film, The Matrix? You really should. I am not a science fiction fan but found it a great action movie with stunning effects and a remarkable plot. It is set in a post-holocaust world, and the Matrix is a computer generated world laid over the real world to give the illusion that all is normal and…read more →

Chapter 15 – Archaeology and the Book of Mormon – 2

A Mormon discussing evidence for the Book of Mormon posted the following on the Reachout Trust Forum. A closer look illustrates something I have long believed, i.e. language is an amazing tool that can open our minds or shut them down. It can direct us to fresh knowledge and understanding or misdirect us to conclusions that are misleading and wrong….read more →

Chapter 15 – The Book of Mormon – Another Testament?

In the 1980s The Book of Mormon became The Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Most people today, Mormon and non-Mormon alike, would be unaware that it was ever any other way. To Mormons this marked a welcome clarification that their faith is centred on Jesus Christ. It also served to strengthen in the public mind the…read more →

Chapter 15 – The Book of Mormon Answers Questions of the Soul?

Typically, the Mormon missionary discussions present the Book of Mormon in such a way as to suggest that it has answers not found elsewhere. They insist that “the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul” and the unwary can be led to believe that the book might give them access to otherwise unavailable, or unrevealed wisdom. However, the “questions…read more →

Chapter 15 – The Book of Mormon in the Bible

Is the Book of Mormon Prophesied in the Bible? Two Sticks There are two places where Mormons claim the Bible speaks about the Book of Mormon. Perhaps the most popular text used to back up their claim is Ezekiel 37:16-17 which reads in the King James Bible: 16 Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon…read more →

Chapter 19 – Pardon me Elder but would you Care to Repeat That?

The importance of the Mormon “Testimony” cannot be overstated. It is the Mormon’s last bastion of safety in any discussion. The most common response a Mormon will give to an attack on his faith by an appeal to the facts is his testimony. Of course this does not make the facts go away but it does make him feel virtuous…read more →

Chapter 20 – Mormon vs. Christian Salvation

If the only thing you know about Mormonism is that it is wrong then your knowledge is woefully inadequate and you had better leave Mormons alone. Often what passes for witnessing to Mormons amounts to an exercise in “telling them, and telling them good”. Now, of course, truth must be told and we have dealt at length over the years…read more →

Chapter 20 – Mormon Master Class

The following was reported by Pastor Chip Thompson following his witnessing at the Mormon Manti Pageant and passed on to us by Pastor Dave Roberts of Utah. It is a master class in witnessing to Mormons from the Bible and we hope it blesses and inspires you. I arrived late and didn’t even make it to the street before I…read more →

Chapter 20 – Will you Pray about this Book?

Anyone who has taken “the discussions” with Mormon Missionaries will have met the challenge of the Book of Mormon. “Will you pray about this book and ask God if it is true?” They will have heard Moroni’s promise, ” … ask God, the Eternal Father in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall…read more →