Gold Plated Mormon

Chapter 15 – The Book of Mormon Origins

Anyone who has expressed doubts regarding the story of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon will probably have been met with the question, “Well if Joseph didn’t get it from the angel how do you explain the Book of Mormon?” Today the Book of Mormon does seem an unusual book that appears to have sprung from nowhere. Certainly the…read more →

Chapter 15 – Book of Mormon Scholarship

The first time we meet Mormonism we usually encounter the Book of Mormon, “a volume of holy Scripture comparable to the Bible” (BOM Introduction). The eighth article of faith of the Mormon Church tells us the comparative worth placed on the Bible and the Book of Mormon. “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as…read more →

Chapter 15 – Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon

Chiasmus is “a figure of speech by which the order of the words in the first of two parallel clauses is reversed in the second” (Oxford Companion to English Literature, 1985 ed.). One way of identifying a chiastic quote is to mark the repeated words or phrases with the letters ABBA. To illustrate, one of the most familiar examples of…read more →

Chapter 15 – Fullness of the Gospel

Joseph Smith said that the Book of Mormon is “the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book” (see History of the Church 4:461). Twice in the Doctrine and Covenants we read that the fulness of the…read more →

Chapter 15 – The Mormon Bible

It is not uncommon for people to believe that the Mormons have their own Bible. Usually people have in mind the Book of Mormon when they refer to the “Mormon Bible”, either because they feel that the Book of Mormon replaces the Bible (a moot point in any discussion with a Mormon), or because they can’t remember that it is…read more →

Chapter 19 – The Mormon Matrix

Have you seen the film, The Matrix? You really should. I am not a science fiction fan but found it a great action movie with stunning effects and a remarkable plot. It is set in a post-holocaust world, and the Matrix is a computer generated world laid over the real world to give the illusion that all is normal and…read more →

Chapter 19 – Pardon me Elder but would you Care to Repeat That?

The importance of the Mormon “Testimony” cannot be overstated. It is the Mormon’s last bastion of safety in any discussion. The most common response a Mormon will give to an attack on his faith by an appeal to the facts is his testimony. Of course this does not make the facts go away but it does make him feel virtuous…read more →

Chapter 20 – Mormon vs. Christian Salvation

If the only thing you know about Mormonism is that it is wrong then your knowledge is woefully inadequate and you had better leave Mormons alone. Often what passes for witnessing to Mormons amounts to an exercise in “telling them, and telling them good”. Now, of course, truth must be told and we have dealt at length over the years…read more →

Chapter 20 – Mormon Master Class

The following was reported by Pastor Chip Thompson following his witnessing at the Mormon Manti Pageant and passed on to us by Pastor Dave Roberts of Utah. It is a master class in witnessing to Mormons from the Bible and we hope it blesses and inspires you. I arrived late and didn’t even make it to the street before I…read more →

Chapter 20 – Will you Pray about this Book?

Anyone who has taken “the discussions” with Mormon Missionaries will have met the challenge of the Book of Mormon. “Will you pray about this book and ask God if it is true?” They will have heard Moroni’s promise, ” … ask God, the Eternal Father in the name of Christ, if these things are not true; and if ye shall…read more →