False Teachers

5 Ways Cults Twist Scripture

By What Authority? Ask a cult member about their faith and they will come up with a rote answer, often couched in the language of testimony. This is meant to redirect your attention away from the question, to the claims of the cult thrown in a positive light. Usually someone ‘went back to the Bible,’ ‘had a vision,’ ‘felt led…read more →

Risking the Truth – Book Review

As a ministry we depend a great deal on the local church. When someone is struggling with questions of faith it is so important they have somewhere to go, somewhere they feel safe, where they can bring their questions, talk about their doubts, and find grace. A former cult member, someone who has come to faith in Jesus, has to start…read more →

Seven Characteristics of False Teachers

Thomas Brooks was a Congregational preacher and author. In “Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices”, (available in The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Vol. 1, reprinted by The Banner of Truth Trust), he identifies the Seven Characteristics of False Teachers. Anyone who has been involved in ministry to the cults will readily recognise these seven identifying marks. We forget the teachers…read more →