Christian Fundamentals: Walking in God’s Light

We begin a new series looking at the fundamentals of the gospel in John’s letters. This time we look at who is God and what is it to walk in God’s light? Introduction John’s message was always one of God’s love and God’s light, this can be seen throughout his writings. The New English Bible entitles John’s fist letter “A…read more →

Risking the Truth – Book Review

As a ministry we depend a great deal on the local church. When someone is struggling with questions of faith it is so important they have somewhere to go, somewhere they feel safe, where they can bring their questions, talk about their doubts, and find grace. A former cult member, someone who has come to faith in Jesus, has to start…read more →

Ten Questions

Even after all these years we at Reachout will get asked about groups we haven’t heard about, or we are not familiar with. Where do you start, what do you ask, how do you asses truth claims in light of God’s Word? Here are ten questions to help lay some solid foundations on which to build a reliable picture. What…read more →

The Eternally Begotten-ness of Jesus – 1

Author: Andrew Harrison In the Book of Common Prayer we have the Creed of Athanasius which tell us; “The Father eternal, the Son eternal and the Holy Ghost eternal… yet they are… one eternal…TheSon is… not made, not created, but begotten – God, of the Substance of the Father, begotten before the worlds.”  

The Eternally Begotten-ness of Jesus – 2

Author: Andrew Harrison In Part 1 we established that Jesus is the Son of God, not only from the time of His incarnation, but from eternity – past, present and future. Jesus is the ‘firstborn of allcreation'(Colossians 1:15). By Him and in Him all things were created. All things in heaven and on earth, visible or invisible were created by…read more →

The Eternally Begotten-ness of Jesus – 3

Author: Andrew Harrison In this final article on the Eternal Begotten-Ness of Jesus we will be looking at the passage in Proverbs chapter 8 (verses 22-31) more analytically and see even more of God’seternalFather-Son relationship expressed in the original text. As Jesus says in John 17:24: “Father…you loved me before the creation/foundation of the world.” (See NIV, NRSV, NKJV, ESV)….read more →

Generational Curses

Introduction The more I read about the subject of “Generational Curses”, the more I realise just what a wide ranging subject it is, and how different groups have a different definition for the words.However,I hope that this article will deal with the basic concepts as I see them. If there are other issues not covered, please contact us with your…read more →

Manifest Sons of God

This belief is not held by one particular group but many individuals are influenced by the teaching. It has many names, such as, The Latter Rain Movement, Identity, Joel’s Army, Restoration and Reconstruction.Thepurpose of this article is not to highlight the differences between groups but look at the core beliefs and compare them with the revelation of Scripture. The Manifest…read more →

Replacement Theology

The roots of Replacement Theology go back to the early Church and became the seed bed of ‘Christian anti-Semitism.’ What Is Replacement Theology? In simplicity the belief is that Israel has been replacedbythe Christian Church in the purposes of God. The Church is now the continuation of Israel and the latter is excluded. After Pentecost ‘Israel’, in the Bible, refers…read more →

Soul Sleep

Author: Andrew Harrison The purpose of this article is to show that the soul lives on after death, or perhaps more importantly that we are indeed in a conscious state in some way after death, even beforetheresurrection at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Nowhere does the Bible say, “The soul is immortal” in the same way that, as Jehovah…read more →