Is There a Second Chance?

I recently saw a letter from a well-known evangelical preacher and was amazed at what he wrote after someone challenged him about a message he had broadcast on the radio. He reasoned that some may beredeemedfrom hell as follows, “My biblical basis for making the claim I did about the possibility of people receiving the gospel and being delivered from…read more →

That Killer Text

“What do you say to a Mormon/JW?” I often get asked this question and my reply is always, “There is no killer text you know.” “I know that”, is the reply, “but what do you say?” It’s a questionthat troublesme because it betrays a lack of understanding and poor preparation. Witnessing isn’t somehow ‘magical’. It isn’t as simple as dropping…read more →


Theology is defined as “the science of God”. It comes from the Greek words Theos meaning God and Logos meaning “word, or reason”. The science of God, then, involves reasoning about the things of God.Todaymany would balk at the idea of putting “science” and “God” in the same sentence. For instance, Jon Krakauer in his book on Mormon fundamentalism, Under…read more →

Speaking the Truth in Love

Ours is a time of compromise and accommodation. We see it often as we take our message to people who are pleased that you should have your beliefs as long as you leave them alone with theirs. We witnessitin the attempts of political and social movers and shakers to find a middle ground, on which all faiths can stand and…read more →

Witnessing to Mormons Basics – Mormon Apologetics

In the April 2008 General Conference Mormon apostle Jeffrey R Holland said:“The fact of the matter is that virtually every prophet of the Old and New Testament has added scripture to that received by his predecessors…If one revelation to one prophet in one moment of time is sufficient for all time, what justifies these many others? What justifies them was…read more →

Explaining Grace

Does grace mean I can do what I like and still go to heaven?How does God expect us to be good if we are already saved?One of the things Mormons struggle with is grace. It is important to understand how Mormons teach grace, how they think we understand it and how to explain what the Bible teaches in a way…read more →